Flint Rug
Flint Rug Flint Rug Flint Rug Flint Rug
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Radiating tones of muted greys and sandy shades the Flint rug is handwoven with natural, undyed wool that attracts a one-of-a-kind finish, echoing the qualities of the natural world. It’s modern, earthy and organic appearance makes this piece the ultimate trans-seasonal design which will bring a tactility and warmth to interiors that originates in nature.  

Each piece is carefully handmade and attracts a one-of-a-kind finish.  
Natural undyed wool captivates seasonal colour variances, no two pieces are alike.
Each piece may have variations in colouring due to the raw nature of the wool
Colour and Size may present a 3-5% industry standard variance.  
Technical Details 
Pile Composition: Natural undyed wool 
Sizes (cm): 160x230, 200x300, 250x350, 300x400 
Colour: Grey/Black/Natural 
Pile height: 1.5 cm 
Technique: Hand woven 
Area recommended: All areas 
Origin: India