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Timeless Interiors To Recreate With Noosa Homewares

When you design your home, there’s a very good chance you create your plans with longevity in mind. You don’t want to be renovating, replacing furniture, or buying new homewares within a few years; you want something that’s going to remain beautiful for years to come. At The Alfresco Room, we’ve been selling bespoke pieces of decor and homewares for years, so we understand how to use premium-quality pieces to create a classic, timeless space. Here are our top tips for creating an aesthetic that will age gracefully using our range of stunning Noosa homewares.We represent a large suite of local artists and makers which add a sense of place to our interiors and reinforce the local roots we are so lucky to have. It is through these relationships that we are able to curate an authentic presentation of our coastal lifestyle.

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